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Europa was a single-player survival game completed over the course of a semester by a team of 11 programmers for the University of Pittsburgh's CS 1666: Game Design and Implementation course. Players were tasked with surviving in an ooze-invested alien base discovered on Jupiter's moon Europa. It was entirely student driven, with each group making wildly different games. The only requirements were that the game be coded in all C++ without using a game engine and that the game include three advanced feature. Our features were advanced AI, procedural generation, and air flow and temperature physics. I was on the physics sub-team.


As the Lead Physics Programmer, I was in charge of implementing the projectile physics, the flow of heat and oxygen between rooms connected by open doors or breaches (created by a player shooting a wall instead of an ooze), and for the health losses the player would incur as a result of lack heat or oxygen. This required all the rooms to be able to communicate with their neighbors in a connected system, as well as be able to tell which walls emptied into space instead of other rooms.


Europa.zip 80 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip Europa.zip. The game executable is in the "Executable" folder and must stay in this folder, though the folder itself can be moved. The other folders contain source files and assets used for compilation, and may be viewed for academic purposes.

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